Hridaya Basti is an Ayurvedic therapy centered around the heart region to promote cardiac health and emotional well-being. The term “Hridaya” refers to the heart, and “Basti” signifies containment. In this treatment, a well is created on the chest using a dough made from black gram flour or other suitable substances. This well is then filled with warm, medicated oil or ghee, chosen for its heart-supportive properties. The warm oil sits over the heart area for a specific duration, typically around 20 to 30 minutes. This procedure deeply nourishes, strengthens, and balances the heart’s functions, helps in relieving stress and anxiety, improves blood circulation, and is beneficial in addressing emotional imbalance. Hridaya Basti is thus considered therapeutic for both physical heart ailments and emotional distress, offering a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

At “Aatreya Panchakarma,” Hridaya Basti is a deeply nurturing Ayurvedic therapy specifically designed to target the heart area, offering both physical and emotional benefits. This unique treatment involves the creation of a dough well on the chest, which is then filled with specially selected warm, medicated oil or ghee. The warmth of the oil penetrates the heart region, promoting improved cardiac function, enhancing blood circulation, and providing a profound sense of relaxation and emotional balance. Hridaya Basti is particularly beneficial for those dealing with stress, anxiety, or heart-related issues, offering a holistic approach to heart health that nurtures the body, calms the mind, and soothes the spirit. “Aatreya Panchakarma” ensures a serene and supportive environment, making this heart-centric therapy a deeply healing experience.

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Hridaya Basti is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment offered at “Aatreya Panchakarma,” focusing on the heart area. It involves placing warm, medicated oil within a dough boundary over the chest to nourish and strengthen the heart.

This treatment benefits the physical heart by improving circulation and cardiac functions, and it also addresses emotional and psychological well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, promoting deep relaxation and emotional balance.

The medicated oil or ghee used in Hridaya Basti is carefully selected based on your specific health needs and imbalance, focusing on properties that support heart health and emotional well-being.

A typical Hridaya Basti session at “Aatreya Panchakarma” lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes, allowing the therapeutic qualities of the oil to deeply penetrate the heart region.

Patients are generally advised to avoid heavy meals and maintain a calm state before the procedure. Specific instructions may be given based on individual health assessments.

After the treatment, you may feel a profound sense of relaxation and emotional calm. It’s recommended to rest and allow the body to absorb the therapeutic effects. Avoiding strenuous activities and maintaining hydration are also suggested to enhance the benefits of the treatment.